Saturday, February 27, 2016


My thoughts on these two chapters were shocking. I am suprised by Peeta because, I didn't think that he would choose to be part of the Careers group, and I didn't think he would join a group where they would have to kill everyone else,except for eachother,and then have to kill each other at the end of the games to find out who wins. I think that Rue is following Katniss around to see what she does so she can have a better chance of surviving or she wants to become friends because she knows that Katniss may be the type of person who doesn't want to kill a 12 year old girl like her sister. I think that in the future the Careers will find Katniss,they will all be separated. I also think that Peeta will help Katniss out too.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Today I am reading,"The Beggar Queen." My character Mikal sort of reminds me of Katniss,but not completely. In my book Mikal has to save the queen who has gotten into trouble. So, Mikal risks his life to save someone else and to take place of someone else who is supposed to go which are the Knights,but he also wants to prove that a nobody in the palace like him can do something big.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


I am reading, "The Beggar Queen" by Loyd Alexander. In the book the main character is King Constantine. In this part of the book he takes a shower, he gets out and dresses himself. Though he is a very famous king,and rich he does something nice. Constantine is drying his hair when his servant comes along. He offers her to take a shower herself as well.This tells me that Constantine is kind because even though he is a king he offers someone else something. I think this book will be about offering things is best and later you may get something in return.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Dear diary,
     Today I had dinner again,but with my stylist Cenna,Effie Trinket,Peeta, and Hamitch. This was the only time I had seen Hamitch eat while he wasn't drunk,and he was actually very well dressed and groomed too. I was enjoying dinner having small chat and I had a glass of wine. I didn't even get halfway through my glass maybe, and I already felt dizzy and sick. I decided to go for water instead.
      Dinner was nice,but all of a sudden a red headed girl who wears a white outfit walks towards our table, she is the server I'm guessing,and she was. I look at her, all white outfit,red hair, and a porecilan white doll face. I've seen her before, my insides were contracting with anxiety. She reminds me of a bad memory I had on a certain day with Gale. I couldn't remember her name. "I know you" I said loudly apparently all of the adults heard even Peeta.

     "Don't be ridiculous, you wouldn't know an Avox!" snapped Effie. "What's an Avox?" I asked. She said an Acox is a person who has committed a crime. Hamitch budded in and mentioned a traitor. Traitor. She reminded me of  Delly Cartwright, she looked just like her so much. The on,y reason I thought she was Delly was because I missed home and school I guess. Peeta, he's a different story. We were on the roof.I was telling him this story about Gale and I, we had seen a boy and girl trying to Escobar the district even though Gale and I already have, we knew out certain ways out.

    The girl was covered by a net and she was carried up. The boy was shot by a sphere shaped object. There it was some sort of hovercraft, all of a sudden it was gone into mid-air. We heard one screw from the girl,it was probably the boy's name, and her last scream too.


Thursday, February 11, 2016


Today I am still reading, "Down the Rabbit Hole" by, Peter Abrahams. The main character is Ingrid. I am going to use the point of view from Ingrid's parents. I think the point of view from her parents would be mad because they would have to find out that Ingrid went into a stanger's house. I think their point of view would also be worried because, Ingrid doesn't have a phone,and they have no way to reach her or find out where she is. Ingrid is constantly walking around the part of town she thought she knew,but now she has no idea where she is amdwanders aeund more first trying to get to the soccer field and then trying to find her way homeTthat's another reason why her parents would be worried about her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


     Today I read "Down the Rabbit Hole" by Peter Abrahams. In this story Ingrid made the decision to run to soccer practice knowing she will be late if she doesn't. At this point of the story she is running to practice on her way there, she has no idea where she is. Ingrid decides to go into a house of a younger lady who's name is Katie who also is the "weirdo" on the block.Ingrid goes inside but leaves the door open halfway without Katie noticing. She is also known as cracked up-Katie because she's just really messed up.This tells me that Ingrid is smart because she knows if something is going wrong she can just run out of the door. I would never do that because you are not supposed to go into a strangers house.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I am reading "Down the rabbit hole" by Peter Abrahams. In this story, Ingrid is the main character. Ingrid is at the dentist's office. Her mom and her dad are supposed to pick her up and take her to soccer practice,but they are no where to be seen. Since Ingrid usually has soccer after her dentist appointment she knows the way to the field.She decides to run to practice knowing if she doesn't make it on time she will do push-ups.This tells me that Ingrid is a problem solver knowing that she will be late and her parents did not come to pick her up she decides to run.

Monday, February 8, 2016


Dear mom and Prim,
     I miss you both, I wish you were here with me.How are you both doing? Practically living on this train going to the capital is great! I can get anything that I want when I want it. I get food everyday,I try hard not to stuff myself. Like i've been told before, "eat like you have never eaten before." And i have aten so much my stomach feels like it was going to split open. I hope that I could bring some food home to the both of you.

     Being here on this train is half the joy,but Peeta Mellark is a different story. He's practically kissing up to Hamitch, hoping he will become his favorite during the games. Hamitch is just another problem, constantly drunk,being rude,throwing up everywhere something with him isn't right. Peeta's different than I remember, the boy who had given me bread,but burnt. Now, he is the boy who wants to stay alive,but is out to kill me instead.
      I hope that the both of you are doing well and mom,take care of Prim if you can't, I'm sure Buttercup will. All you both have right now is each other while I'm gone. When I win the Hunger Games we'll have food for moths or even a whole year we will even have new clothes, all of us.Wish me luck at the games. I will be home soon,and I love you both.

                                                                                                                                   Katniss :)

Friday, February 5, 2016

I feel.....

I feel okay about blogging,but I'm not really excited honestly. I feel tired too. 😴