Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Dear diary,
     Today I had dinner again,but with my stylist Cenna,Effie Trinket,Peeta, and Hamitch. This was the only time I had seen Hamitch eat while he wasn't drunk,and he was actually very well dressed and groomed too. I was enjoying dinner having small chat and I had a glass of wine. I didn't even get halfway through my glass maybe, and I already felt dizzy and sick. I decided to go for water instead.
      Dinner was nice,but all of a sudden a red headed girl who wears a white outfit walks towards our table, she is the server I'm guessing,and she was. I look at her, all white outfit,red hair, and a porecilan white doll face. I've seen her before, my insides were contracting with anxiety. She reminds me of a bad memory I had on a certain day with Gale. I couldn't remember her name. "I know you" I said loudly apparently all of the adults heard even Peeta.

     "Don't be ridiculous, you wouldn't know an Avox!" snapped Effie. "What's an Avox?" I asked. She said an Acox is a person who has committed a crime. Hamitch budded in and mentioned a traitor. Traitor. She reminded me of  Delly Cartwright, she looked just like her so much. The on,y reason I thought she was Delly was because I missed home and school I guess. Peeta, he's a different story. We were on the roof.I was telling him this story about Gale and I, we had seen a boy and girl trying to Escobar the district even though Gale and I already have, we knew out certain ways out.

    The girl was covered by a net and she was carried up. The boy was shot by a sphere shaped object. There it was some sort of hovercraft, all of a sudden it was gone into mid-air. We heard one screw from the girl,it was probably the boy's name, and her last scream too.


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