Monday, February 8, 2016


Dear mom and Prim,
     I miss you both, I wish you were here with me.How are you both doing? Practically living on this train going to the capital is great! I can get anything that I want when I want it. I get food everyday,I try hard not to stuff myself. Like i've been told before, "eat like you have never eaten before." And i have aten so much my stomach feels like it was going to split open. I hope that I could bring some food home to the both of you.

     Being here on this train is half the joy,but Peeta Mellark is a different story. He's practically kissing up to Hamitch, hoping he will become his favorite during the games. Hamitch is just another problem, constantly drunk,being rude,throwing up everywhere something with him isn't right. Peeta's different than I remember, the boy who had given me bread,but burnt. Now, he is the boy who wants to stay alive,but is out to kill me instead.
      I hope that the both of you are doing well and mom,take care of Prim if you can't, I'm sure Buttercup will. All you both have right now is each other while I'm gone. When I win the Hunger Games we'll have food for moths or even a whole year we will even have new clothes, all of us.Wish me luck at the games. I will be home soon,and I love you both.

                                                                                                                                   Katniss :)


  1. Fix some spelling errors and grammar you have,other than that,it's really good.