Monday, March 14, 2016


Title: The Beggar Queen
                 (Poor)   (Upper class/Rich.)

I think that this title is about a poor person having something to do with the queen,I know because "Beggar"represents a poor person. From reading this book,the title mentions a Beggar Queen and in the story to,and there is a poor woman who became a queen using evidence form the story.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Object(s): Large bathtub,Royal crown,King Constantine's sword and shield

Character:King Constantine

Where is the object located?
The objects are located in the Castle. 

What does the character do with the object?
He shows off this visitors when they come for a meeting or something important to discuss,but isn't great fun for what he has.

What do these objects symbolize?
These objects represent,wealthy,ungrateful,famous.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I think the book will be about "Protection."
Statement: You need to trust someone who can protect you or your family
*Katniss: Katniss protected Prim from the danger going into the hunger games so she wouldn't have to go, and she volunteered as a tribute.
*Gale: Gale had said that he would try his best to keep Katniss' Mom and Prim safe while she was gone.
*The Baker: He told Katniss that he would watch out for her mom and Prim,but mostly to Prim and would provide them with a bit of food from the bakery.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


In this chapter Katniss is still teamed up with Rue so,they decide to destroy the Career's food supply. Katniss goes into the woods ,but the boy from district 3 is guarding the supply. She see's the fox faced girl doing careful little steps,and hops up a pyramid with food on top, she realizes there are possibly mines underneath causing explosions. Katniss fledge think it's safe so, she sees a bag of apples 1 arrow shot, 2 arrows shot, the third arrow is shot, and there is a loud BOOM!