Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thoughts on Animal testing

I believe all animals should be treated the same because all of  them are living creatures. It is messed up because all animals that are tested on don't have a choice on whether or not they get tested. They live just like humans/ like us. I believe that we shouldn't test on animals because, if the products are for us why should they be tested on them? Although animals like apes are the closest animals that can live like us, that doesn't mean that they need to get tested for OUR needs/products.  I believe that it's not right to test on animals whether it's a mouse or a dog too. They are ALL living creatures and shouldn't be treated like a science experiment just like a mouse is. Let the animals roam. If there was a drug that could cure 1,000,000 diseases it doesn't mean that it should still be tested on animals because, if the drug was to cure cancer the cancer between an animal and a human is comp,geeky different. That's because their body's function differently.

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